Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beneath the Tree~

Clouds add spring contrast:
Sun-fingers play with shadows
between branches here.


  1. It feels kind of strange to be visiting your place post-A to Z... without a letter prompt, I'm wondering how you chose the title for today?
    I actually try my hand at haiku-writing from time to time...

    Happy May 01... a new month... fresh ideas...
    Cheers! I will pop in again!

    1. It felt a little strange to post from a topic without a letter prompt too Michelle, but I decided to continue the Haiku post A-Z.

      This one came from a place I was sitting, while enjoying the moment in fresh air outside, under the tree :-)

  2. I love sun fingers, that's very picturesque. ♥

  3. Thank you m'Friend. :-)That's what they looked like to me on the ground.


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